September 8, 2017

Medical compression stockings = the fundamental therapy for all degrees of venous disease, varicose veins, ICV (chronic venous insufficiency).
  • Inflammation recedes
  • Edema prophylaxis
  • Supporting venous reflux and muscle / venous pump
  • Restore the functionality of venous valves
  • Useful for regular wearing
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Functions of compressive medical stockings:

  • Reduction in varicose veins
  • Restoring the function of venous valves
  • Decrease venous wall pressure = relax and reduce pain
  • Decrease edema
  • Supporting the pump function of the muscles
  • Antithrombotic effect

Leganza Models

COMPRESSIONOpen Toes ART NO.Closed Toes ART NOFormColorsCOLORS 2017*

PERFECT FIT - Enhancement CARE


  • perfect anatomical shape
  • Elasticity and different stretching areas
  • airy texture
  • non-constricting elastic band

Side of thigh

  • molded, it is very elastic and reserves of the thigh stretch.
  • Feminine adhesive tape with Italian design, sewn without overlapping

The knee and the calf

  • Soft and non-restrictive to the knee
  • knee-high stockings, without stitching, with the technique of fabricating a soft adhesive tape


  • The fully healed side of the heel without limiting elasticity in length
  • Footstool lady shoe size 35/36 - 42
  • Ventilated tip without gathering
  • Soft and finely stitched stitches


  • Natural fibers for feminine shine
  • Soft, transparent with a particularly smooth and smooth texture through an innovative fiber and fabric technology

  • No streaks without overlapping colors
  • Carefully paint
  • With climate, temperature and humidity characteristics
  • Easy to maintain, wash the machine and dry in the dryer