The Romanian-American Company


was founded in 2004 as an importer and authorized representative on the territory of Romania of the renowned manufacturer of compression stockings
with a tradition of over 50 years in this field..

Our slogan is:
"First of all: the right stocking for every type!" .

Over the years,

we have represented in Romania, in the field of medical devices, companies such as: NAL 24 GMBH , MEDIKING GMBH, NIMED -AUSTRIA, P.P.H. "KIK' POLAND, and, currently, the renowned manufacturer of compression stockings for venous disorders and swelling - COMPRESSANA GMBH - Germany with a tradition of 55 years in compression therapy, JUZO -GERMANY (specializing in compressing therapy for scars and burns), LABORATORI PIAZZA SRL ITALY (manufacturer of antithrombotic stockings).

We offer a variety of compression stockings for each patient individually and thus optimally - knit round or flat, micro or natural fiber, soft colors and resistant, colored or patterned knitted products in series or custom.

Our varied range includes modern and elegant stockings of 40, 70 or 140 den and therapeutic stockings with natural and high-performance fibers, also recommended for travel, sports, during pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, activities mainly in sitting, lifting and carriage of weights, leisure time, and accessories make compression easier and more comfortable.

The type of compression stocking chosen correctly, handled properly and paying particular attention to the care instructions and useful accessories to achieve a result optimal compression therapy and venous disorders edema!