September 16, 2017
Compressana Master: Tricks for easier dressing the stockings
September 17, 2017

“"Socks under"”: Static Fiber as well as Argentex thread form a clean silver layer on the surface of the textile fiber on the toes. Silver is in the inside braided within the fabric and thus acts directly on the skin. The edges and stitches, if very flat, feel very little on the skin, so there are no areas of pressure or irritation. The fingers are completely without stitches, so products are also recommended for diabetics. Due to the fineness and special structure of the fibers, these products are extremely soft and very pleasant on the skin. Silver fiber is used for sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin and chronic skin diseases.

The fiber releases the silver ions and by contact it reacts with the protein from the germs of the disease with an antimicrobial effect. Silver reduces odor formation and being a very good conductor of temperature and humidity leads to electrostatic discharge.

Field of use:

  • To fix the bandages needed to treat small skin injuries
  • Fixing pillows to care for complex anatomical medical conditions in the leg, wrist, or chest
  • Both compression stockings and bandages can also be worn by those with particularly sensitive skin
  • By using this type of sock under compressing jersey, it reduces friction with the shoe and, implicitly, the formation of bones and wounds.
  • In combination with thermal socks or other wool products forms a barrier against cold
  • The cotton toe side of the toes is ideal to support the treatment of interdigital space


INTRA - CLOSED finger bandags


INTRA - closed fingers bandages for COMPRESSANA FORTE


INTERDIGITAL bandage with cotton and silver



Compressana Intra Models

ProductMaterialColorPZNArt. Nr.
INTRA Zehling geschlossen* mit Vorfußbandage zur Linderung von Beschwerden bei Hallux Valgus40% Polyamid; 29% Baumwolle; 18% Coolmax (PES); 13% Elasthanalb097337150090
INTRA Unterzieh-Zehenteil*80% Baumwolle; 15% Polyamid; 5% Silber/other Fibresalb092108970095
INTRA Unterzieh-Socke silber*67% Polyamid; 18% X-Static / Silber; 15% Elastannevopsit / argint092108800094
INTRA Unterzieh-Kniestrumpf silber*69% Polyamid; 19% X-Static / Silber; 12% Elastannevopsit / argint092109050096
INTRA Unterzieh-Kniestrumpf silber MAX für Wadenumfang > 50cm69% Polyamid; 19% X-Static / Silber; 12% Elastannevopsit / argint072171160086