September 15, 2017
September 15, 2017

The effect of reducing odor by using silver fibers, with Climate Balance and Coolmax, on the foot of the foot.

Cold protection provided by merino wool.

The special foot construction and comfort-air seal provide the best foot protection for the pressure sensitive areas, wounds and blisters.

Ideal for feet sensitive to cold, unfavorable climatic conditions.
Ideal in winter shoes. Veno-friendly, for diabetics and rheumatism.

Material composition:
60% wool
20% polyester
15% polyamid
3% elstan
2% X-Static / Silver

Med Thermo Models

ProductSizeArt. Nr.Colors
The warming medical sock, soft material, fits perfectly.II 35/38
III 39/42
IV 43/45
V 46/48